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S$ 15.00

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Value:S$ 98.00

Discount: 85%

Savings: S$ 83.00

Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central #01-408 (Toa Payoh MRT) Singapore 310186 Contact 62

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Everyone must have experienced skin problems at some point, but the mostcommon, most visible, most pesky skin problem we hear about time andtime is blackheads. Pe ople see the beauty in our faces, but regrettably also theimperfection s including acne, blackheads and whiteheads. The nose is themost prominent, and possibly the easiest to remedy.  Our faces get the most attention of all of our body parts. The poreson the nose gather dirt and oil and generally get clogged seemingly on apermanent basis. Keeping them clean and blackhead free requiresvigilan ce.  HighlightsSpe cially formulated Black Beauty Treatment for the nose area Removes blackheads from the nose area Rejuvenat es skin while providing whitening effectsHelps purify conjested pores Reduces excessive oil and sebum Nowyou can removes blackheads from the nose area with HLH Beautys advancetechnolo gy and professional skills. And whats more? Its only $15 andyou can see visible instant result!

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