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Jewelery/Accessory Daily Deals in Singapore

Digital Time Projector Alarm Clock

S$ 16.90

Bought: 3

Value:S$ 39.90

Discount: 58%

Savings: S$ 23.00

Negotiated By 65emall: 65emall

Waterproof Double Snap Mobile Bag

S$ 3.90

Bought: 9

Value:S$ 7.90

Discount: 51%

Savings: S$ 4.00

Negotiated By 65emall: 65emall

Swarovski Falling Leaves Diamante Necklace Earring Set

S$ 29.90

Bought: 1

Value:S$ 39.90

Discount: 25%

Savings: S$ 10.00

Negotiated By 65emall: 65emall

EYEBALL Bracelet

S$ 3.50

Bought: 1

Value:S$ 14.90

Discount: 77%

Savings: S$ 11.40

Negotiated By 65emall: 65emall

Fujifilm Instax Mini (White)

S$ 12.00

Bought: 383

Value:S$ 30.00

Discount: 60%

Savings: S$ 18.00

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Hello Kitty

S$ 199.00

Bought: 264

Value:S$ 250.00

Discount: 20%

Savings: S$ 51.00

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s (Blue)

S$ 99.00

Bought: 297

Value:S$ 150.00

Discount: 34%

Savings: S$ 51.00

Negotiated By

Lightweight and compact, the stylish instax mini 7 goes anywhere. Operation is easy -- simply check the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter, a beautiful credit card-size instant color photo is ready in minutes -- sharp and clear! Comes in a ...

Lexon Spring Watch

S$ 69.90

Bought: 4

Value:S$ 80.00

Discount: 13%

Savings: S$ 10.10

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My First Learning Clock

S$ 40.90

Bought: 10

Value:S$ 44.90

Discount: 9%

Savings: S$ 4.00

Negotiated By

Learn to tell the time with Chirpy the friendly bird! Real digital alarm clock with 12hr display and moveable clock hands to reinforce learning. Teaches time and time concepts in a fun and interactive way. Turn the hands to match the time, then set ...

Lexon Analog Watch: Tao

S$ 193.75

Bought: 0

Value:S$ 300.00

Discount: 35%

Savings: S$ 106.25

Negotiated By

This beautiful design from Takashi Kato is a stunning example of the minimalist Lexon Design style. With sweeping off centre hands, off centre digits and the Lexon logo on the side of the case, this watch makes a great designer gift for men who love ...